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The Language Project

This language, whch is currently seminamed and semiexistent, is being created by anyone who wishes! Just pick a topic and send me some e-mail.

Topic I: The Name
If you have a suggestion for this language's name, e-mail it to me and I'll choose five of them and then we'll have a vote.

Jarnilsan -Cameron Gorrie
Lipblnor -Robert Nakbos
Earthall -Tom Colthurst
Peiyudu -Jocelyn Thompson
Tlu£ovhia -Jocelyn Thompson

Topic II: The Phonography
The first topic that we will be discussing is how we write things down. Will it be alphabetic? If so, what direction will we write, will vowels be symbols, accents, or just assumed. Will it be syllabic? Will it be logographic, where each symbol represents a word? If so, will it be augmented by any of the other two ideas? Will it be something that I haven't mentioned? It's up to you...

Topic III: The Grammar
Send in as many interesting grammar ideas as you wish! We might vote here or we go with the best one (though how we find that out is beyond me!).

Topic IV: The Vocabulary
You can send in words that conform to the rules set forth in parts II and III. Be creative! You can even send in modified or pure words from any natural or constructed language. You can even start now... we'll just modify them later.