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Font Suggestions:
The Northern Griffin Alphabet, and the guide to the alphabet is here.
Tengwar, and if anyone has a good Tengwar font, please send it in!

The direction of the writing system should alternate from right to left to left to right et cetera. -Leonardo Medico Jr.

Select the sounds that you want in the language project. (Bold fields are required).
A as in car:
A as in that:
E as in ever:
I as in is:
O as in octopus:
O as in over:
U as in during:

Consonants: B as in bark:
C as in cave:
C as in chin:
D as in die:
G as in dog:
KS as in because:
L as in lettuce:
L/R as in Japanese:

M as in money:
M/N as similar to L/R above:

N as in nail:
P as in step:
PSS as in steps:
Q as in Iraq:
R as in right:
S as in so:
T as in too:
TL as in t+l:
V as in very:
W as in was:
X as in bricks:
Y as in you:
Z as in zebra:

ZH as in pleasure:

' as in a glottal stop:

! as in a tongue click:


If you don't find any you like, why don't you submit some?

Submitted by Beacon Webmaster
O - as in Over
A - as in cAr
V - as in Very
G - as in doG

Submitted by Cameron Gorrie
A - as in bAd
B - as in Bark
C - as in Cave
D - as in DeaD
E - as in Elephant
G - as in Good
I - as in It
L - as in Lettuce
M - as in Money
N - as in Nail
O - as in octOpus
P - as in Parrot
R - as in Rail
S - as in Sail
T - as in Tail
U - as in dUring
V - as in Vehicle
W - as in Water
Y - as in Yonder
Z - as in Xylophone

Submitted by Jocelyn Thompson:
PSS - as in claPS
TL - as in Tap + Love

Submitted by Zylom:
C - as in CHin
Q - as in iraQ
' - as in a glottal stop
X - as in briCKS
KS - as in beCAUSE
Note: If two sounds together are unpronounceable, insert a schwa sound between them.